Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Juneathon day 12 - the motivational power of Juneathon (and Daft Punk)

There is absolutely no way in the world I would have done any running today if it hadn't been for Juneathon (let's face it, I would have done well to keep a running streak of more than 3 days going if it wasn't for Juneathon). Today I really wasn't in the zone at all. I originally planned to run first thing this morning. That didn't happen. Then I told myself I'd run at lunch time. That didn't happen either. I finally forced myself onto the treadmill just before 7 this evening, motivated in no small part by having put quite some pressure onto fellow Juneathoner Steve Hanlon to go out and run earlier in the day so as not to break his streak, only for him to lock himself out of the house and spend most of the afternoon wandering the streets. Oops. After that I would have felt like I was really letting the side down if I hadn't run myself.

As usual I eased myself onto the treadmill with the idea of just doing 15 minutes, then once I got going I decided to go for 30, but towards the end of that time I ran into a rich seam of Daft Punk on Spotify, culminating in Giorgio by Giorgio Moroder starting up with two minutes to go. I have mentioned before the awesome motivational power of this track - I just cannot get enough of it and it took me up to exactly 5k. Job done.

Day 12 - 5k in 37.36
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