Saturday, 15 June 2013

Juneathon day 15 - half way!

Half way through Juneathon. I am absolutely delighted to have made it this far. Just a short run today. I'm up in Ormskirk visiting Jude and fellow Juneathoner Steve. We had planned to go out this morning for a longish run. The figure of 10k was mentioned at some point. It didn't happen, largely because last night Steve and I went out in Liverpool.

We ate tasty Japanese food. We saw a screening of LCD Soundsystem's Shut Up And Play The Hits. We went cheesy dancing. We got home at 3.30 (yeah, we've still got it!) During all of this much alcohol was consumed. At various points in the evening there was lager, sake, plum wine, bitter, more lager and vodka. It's just possible that we may have overdone it very slightly. Consequently neither of us jumped out of bed this morning feeling very much like going for a run.

After a slow morning of lounging about drinking tea and moaning, we eventually mustered up sufficient motivation to get out (this is another run that definitely wouldn't have happened were it not for Juneathon) and managed a fairly tentative 4k, not helped at all by the heavens opening just as we set off. Still, a run is a run and it all counts. Another one in the bag.

Day 15 4k in 26.03

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